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DTP interview at RPGDot

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DTP interview at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 August 2004, 15:46:14

Tags: Dungeon Lords

I've never heard of those guys and personally don't care who they are, but they're talking a little bit about Dungeon Lords in their interview with the publisher's PR dude over at RPGDot. Here's a bit about Why you, the hardcore CRPG fan, will love D.W. Bradley's latest:

RPGDot: What makes Dungeon Lords attractive for a hardcore RPGer ... ?

Christopher Kellner, DTP:
DL has everything a hardcore RPGer desires: A vast and interesting game world, an epic and twisted story, which alone takes around 40 hours to solve, dozens of side-quests, a detailled character-building - you can put any xp at any time where you like to and make a unique character - and around 800-1000 items, some of them very powerful and unique, and a combat system which is action-orientated, but requires ever-changing tactics, as the AI is excellent.​

Oh boy! Action oriented combat, lots of ph4t l3wt, and the ability to clear out barns with rats in action oriented combat for ph4t l3wt! The hardcore CRPGer in me just can't wait!

PS. Dhruin, can you please tell Gorath what a hyperlink is sometime?

Thanks for the word, Dhruin!

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