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RPGVault reviews Prince of Qin

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RPGVault reviews Prince of Qin

Review - posted by Ibbz on Thu 24 October 2002, 05:25:06

Tags: Prince of Qin

Today's feature at RPGVault is a review of Prince of Qin, the action RPG developed by Object Software. The overall opinion seems to be positive, but the author did find faults such as "uneven dialogue and somewhat peculiar voice acting." Here's their conclusion:

While Prince of Qin does feature a complex and lengthy story, it was designed as an action RPG. As such, gamers should not look for it to offer the kind of depth and involvement it was never intended to have. Those who expect it to be a hardcore RPG will very likely be disappointed. From the action perspective, the game can provide some hack and slash-type fun backed by the unusual weapon and item creation system through which you can constantly pursue improvements in your characters' equipment. The only hitch in this respect is that the complexity of the story tends to require the accomplishment of multiple objectives in each chapter. As a result, completing them and moving on to the next is not always as straightforward as in various other titles bearing the same label. Whether this is a good thing or not is a matter of your personal preference.
There is no score, however.

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