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Tower of Doom zaps to 0.0.3

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Tower of Doom zaps to 0.0.3

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 31 August 2004, 03:08:28

Tags: Warp Rogue

The sci-fi rogue-like, Tower of Doom is now up to version 0.0.3 for those looking to see how it's progressing. Or you could just read this partial list of changes:

  • the tower has 20 playable levels now!
  • The game has a "real" save game function now instead of the old "only save the player character" hack.
  • if you pick up items they are now added at the end of your inventory's items list - feels more natural
  • reorganized the character screen
  • the strength of your current weapon and armour is displayed in the status bar again.
  • the look of the tower levels has been changed a little: round edges
  • random "wall warts" to make them look more "chaotic"
  • added a "Hall of Fame" (highscore list)
  • updated and extended the manual
  • added psionics
  • the original names of the chaos gods are back
  • player characters start with equipment already in use now
  • doombreed has been made a little weaker. He IS beatable now. (there's no winning sequence yet, though)

I think it's great he's using Live Journal as his development log. It's about time someone makes good use of that site.

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