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English Sacred 1.7 patch very soon

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English Sacred 1.7 patch very soon

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 2 September 2004, 21:10:36

Tags: Encore Software; Sacred

Ascaron's Mirko Worsley posted this message in the English forum for Sacred talking about the final release of the full blown, non-beta 1.7 patch. Here's the mixed bag on the subject:

Today, Patch 1.7 final will be released to the community. That makes a stepping stone for us internally because the programmers can take a short breather before moving on to the development of the free addon due next month. This also marks the complete demise for Campaign games in closed. The reason for this decision is a little more complicated, but I am going to try and relay it here. Campaign games are quest orientated, and especially in closed, where password protection of servers is not allowed (to provide playing slots for as many people as possible) there are players that would like to just cause havok. The save system is not designed to work against that, nor is it equipped to continue the game like you would in single player because your quest information, map information etc. is saved and can be prone to cheating. Saving all that we can on the character save file (which is stored on the lobby server) we have eliminated a cheat problem. Sure, the outcome is not positive to those attempting to play campaign on close but for the greater good we felt it was in the best interest of supporting a cheat free enviroment.​

Good news, the patch should be available soon. The bad news is they're removing part of the multiplayer functionality from Closed Multiplayer.

So, what's the hold up? In another thread, you have Mirko Worsley saying this:

The final patch will include the complete fixlist, and also go through what has changed since 1.66.

I know I also said the patch would be here today, however, we are still waiting on feedback from Encore before we can proceed.​

Stupid, lousy publishing contractual obligations. Kind of a shame Encore even gets a say in the patch considering how borked the North American version is compared to what the Europeans get. North Americans get no gore which makes the Wood Elf's Exploding Arrows and zombie deaths look really lame, no really useful map which shows a lot of stuff that I've been scratching my head over where to find it, no color manual, and so forth.

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