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Sacred 1.7 final is here

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Sacred 1.7 final is here

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 16 September 2004, 19:54:46

Tags: Sacred

Sacred's 1.7 Final patch is finally out. There's several versions, including the international English and North American English versions(There's also an Aussie version and a Frenchie one). The changelog for this new patch is freaking huge, so here's a small clip of it:

[*]Main or side quest NPCs could sometimes be attacked, especially after the world has changed (Invasion of the Undead). This problem has been fixed.
[*]Overflow when learning from runes (an increase in level above 255 led to level 0) has been fixed.
[*]Picking up specific items with ALT + left click when there is a large number of items on the ground is now possible without difficulties.
[*]Various errors with the main or side quests have been fixed.
[*]Texts of law will no longer be inscribed into the Enemies category when they are read from a scroll or book.
[*]All opponents will now have correct names (some bears were without a name, for example).
[*]The display of the resistance icons has been fixed. On occasion, when an item with a resistance was equipped the corresponding icon would disappear.
[*]Colors of item names have been adjusted.
[*]On occasion, the horses of the Shaddar'Rim would appear to be without a rider.
[*]The horse will now be correctly saved and it will pass on to the next difficulty level with your character.
[*]A rarely occurring crash when an opponent came into line of sight has been fixed.
[*]The effects of all special moves have now been fixed (Critical blow, -3 % life when hit etc.)
[*]All auras (i.e. after drinking a Potion of the Mentors) will now be gone after loading a character or a saved game.
[*]Sometimes items would indefinitely flicker above the character's head when the inventory was full. This has been fixed.
[*]A random crash that would occur when a spell was cast on the team portrait has now been fixed.
[*]Item names and damage values will now be displayed on the proper level (i.e. first floor, second floor, bridge).
[*]The damage bonus given by statues will now count towards spells.
[*]All opponents (for example Mountain Giants) should now have portraits in the logbook and the character statistics.
[*]The properties of the fourth hireling will now be displayed correctly.
[*]Wood Elf and Dark Elf can now wear their sunglasses (special item).
[*]The bonus calculation of Quick as a Flash was not working as intended and it has now been fixed: So far, the speed was invariably set to 220 when casting this spell.
[*]The character will no longer move while holding CTRL. This could happen when shooting at an opponent outside the line of sight (behind a tree for example).
[*]The novice should no longer appear outside the barrier.
[*]The list of sets in the inventory should no longer stretch to the outside of the screen when too many items of different sets have been equipped.
[*]Opponents who have had Transformation cast on them will no longer hit normally.
[*]Resistances of high-level opponents now work as intended.​
So, if you didn't like the release version of the game, you should give this patch a whirl. It's a huge improvement on the way the game was shipped in terms of fixing bugs and tweaking the way the game plays.

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