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Buka releases release dates!

Buka releases release dates!

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 24 October 2002, 22:16:29

Tags: Spells of Gold

Russian developer/publisher Buka has updated their release date schedule. Points of interest include Spells of Gold, a fantasy based CRPG due to be released Q4 2002 with the following features:

* Role-playing combined with elements of trade simulation games;
* Non-linear story allows players to replay the game with an entirely new perspective;
* Huge game world inhabited by hundreds of fantasy creatures;
* Your character is not limited in experience levels; gain as many skills and abilities as you wish
* Choose your weapons and armor out of 2000 different types;
* And of course?MAGIC: a variety of spells and potions will help your Hero in his journeys around the world of Spells of Gold​

Also, to a lesser degree, Charm of War, which is an RPG/RTS hybrid due to be released Q3 2002 with a fantasy setting:

* Combination of all the best elements of RPG and Real Time Strategy
* Innovative user-friendly interface
* Powerful graphic engine
* Wide variety of friendly and hostile characters - withes, good magicians, evil wizards, merchants, traveling buffoons, wood-goblins and many more.
* A great number of player-controllable units and magic items​

Spotted this at Avault

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