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Dungeon Lords public beta - no demo?

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Dungeon Lords public beta - no demo?

Development Info - posted by Whipporowill on Thu 23 September 2004, 21:13:00

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

According to the this forum post in Dungeon Lords official forum, there's been a press release on an imminent public beta test for the game. Does this mean there won't be a demo before release, and why do we have to sign up if it's public? Who knows, but here's an outtake of the press release:

Toronto, September 23, 2004 – DreamCatcher Games today announced that it is accepting applications for the Public Beta Test of its Combat-RPG, Dungeon Lords. The application process will begin on Monday, September 27th at 17:00 GMT and close at 17:00 GMT on Monday, October 4th.
The test will include both single and multiplayer components and entrants may apply for one or both. Testers will be chosen based on applications and ability to play RPGs. The minimum system requirements for the test are a 1ghz proc with 256 RAM and a Geforce 2. The application can be found at http://www.dreamcatchergames.com/dci/forms/betatester/.
"Ability to play RPG's"? Gee. Most of us shouldn't have any trouble getting in - if we wanted, that is.

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