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The Fall Updates

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The Fall Updates

Game News - posted by Exitium on Wed 29 September 2004, 23:47:55

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

What has just been made available is a trailer of the post-apocalyptic RPG The Fall, weighing in at a very light 98mb that can be downloaded at <a href=http://www.gamigo.de/news_detail/pc/20987/?System=pc&id=20987>Gamigo.de[/url] (Registration required).

Silver Style has also posted on their news page about which band is going to supply the music for the upcoming title:

Darkseed and The Fall We are proud to present the band Darkseed as our partner for the music creation of The Fall. Visit their website here and catch some of their dark and moody music: darkseed.com
You can listen to some samples of their music on their "Releases" page. It's good Gothic Metal, if you're into the genre.

Also posted is an update on their publishing status:

Silver Style Entertainment signed a co-publishing agreement with Deep Silver for the territories Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The release of The Fall in the named territories will be in the middle of November.​

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