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Silver Style Mails Us Stuff About The Fall

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Silver Style Mails Us Stuff About The Fall

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Thu 7 October 2004, 15:24:09

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

The folks at Silver Style, who have a funny sense of humour ("as always, there's no way we could not pass some new information on The Fall to the site that loves it like no other mag does"), mailed me something about voice acting in The Fall. You gotta give these guys credit for persistence or something.

THE FALL: Voice Recordings Break New Ground in Germany

Silver Style Entertainment today finished the voice recordings for their post-apocalyptic role-playing game "The Fall – Last Days of Gaia". With 84 actors managing 380 parts with a total of 182,000 words it marks the most extensive voice production a computer game made in Germany has ever seen. A number of prominent voice actors is featured in the game; the player will recognize the German voices of George Clooney and John Wayne among others.

"We were aware that the quality of the voice recordings had to match the high standards of The Fall itself", said Stefan Hoffman, Project Manager at Silver Style Entertainment. "No efforts and costs were spared. After more than six weeks of hard work it's safe to say that we have set a new benchmark in the field of dubbing computer games in Germany."​

Well, hey, that's great! ... For Germany.

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