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DARGHUL update

DARGHUL update

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 13 October 2004, 15:19:12

Tags: DARGHUL; Wolf Mittag

Our very own Herr Mittag of the Teudogar's fame reports that DARGHUL, a fantasy shareware RPG, is almost done and will be released in November.

Well, game world and plot are complete - you can play the whole thing through from the beginning to the end. However I still need to implement a number of spells, place a number of monsters in those of the dungeons that I've not yet finished, furnish a number of houses, fine-tune the cave/monster/treasure generator, fine-tune monster combat stats, fix some minor bugs, etc. Since I'm currently working full time on that, I ought to be able to complete all of this by Oct. 31st, and release a first (German) version. Depending on how content I'm with the result, that'll be either a Beta or a first official version. Then translation to English would follow, the website would be made over, and after about two or three weeks, mid-November if all goes well, I'll release the English version.

I think it's time we ask Wolf a few questions about the game. So far, we only know that it has caves/monsters/treasure ecosystem, and, apparently, minor bugs.

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