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Power of Law interview at TVG

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Power of Law interview at TVG

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 27 October 2004, 16:02:29

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

TotalVideoGames has posted a 3-page long interview with Masha Petrova from MiST land about COPS 2170: Power of Law

Please can you give us some info about the team creating the game and what may have inspired it?

Inspired by the success of Paradise Cracked and considering this experience, we made an effort to create a game which is a hybrid of strategy and RPG elements where players take on the role of a rookie cop patrolling the mean streets of a cyberpunk metropolis. We just couldn’t disappoint those, who since lived in another reality owing to Paradise Cracked.
I think that people who call Paradise Cracked a success definitely live in "another reality".

If you had to pick one real innovation from your title that you are most proud of what will it be?

Mostly we’re proud of our non-linear plot. A lot of events occur on each level apart from a player, and he\she can interfere in them or just pay no attention to it. But actually afterwards they affect the plot to some extent. Even tiny actions of a player like his behaviour in battles: whether he was desperately fighting or shrinks in the face of danger will reflect the game results. These all influence quests, bonuses, available levels and equipment.​
That sounds very cool. I believe there are some people who've already played the game. Any comments?

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