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The Fall's hype spams the net

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The Fall's hype spams the net

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 26 November 2004, 15:33:58

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

Remember The Fall? Well, apparently it's alive and kicking, and getting praised by the European mags as The Next Best Thing (TM), according to this email I got today:

PC Games and PC Action, two of Europe's biggest PC gaming magazines, are featuring reviews of The Fall - Last Days of Gaia in their current issues.

The game scored a 83 out of 100 in PC Action:

"Seldom has a post-apocalyptic world been more exciting than the wastelands in The Fall."

""Oh my lady, I'll save that artifact!" - fortunately, quests like this are not present in The Fall."

"Tons of humorous dialogue."

"The combination of the interesting, well thought-out story and the exquisite combat and character system makes The Fall a worthy successor to the Fallout series, which has been the benchmark for post-apocalyptic RPGs to this day."

PC Games gave it an overall score of 84/100 (game design 90/100):

"Only a very few games feature such an intelligently structured background story."

"The complex and remarkably diversified quests in The Fall are a big plus."

"In addition to the intelligent challenges and the twist-laden plot, The Fall also impresses with the sheer size of the game world."​
I like that failed attempt to convince people that Fall is just like Fallout: it has a story, combat, and a character system! Why, it's practically the same game. Btw, how many post-apoc RPGs have you played lately?

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