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Bloodlines mixed blessing at FiringSquad

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Bloodlines mixed blessing at FiringSquad

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 30 November 2004, 21:23:24

Tags: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

There's a nifty review of Bloodlines over at FiringSquad, which pretty much agrees with most of what everyone else has been saying. The game starts off great, but the main plot goes to shit about halfway through the game. The final score would be a 75%, with the cons being the level design later on, a few minor bugs, and a lack of frequent auto-saving. I think the last one was added as filler. Anyway, here's the clip:

Halfway through, the gameplay takes a sudden nosedive into a Doom-style run through a maze of sewers, fighting off hordes of creatures. To make matters worse, there are only two major different enemies in the sewer sequence, although a third type appears eventually, its presence is decidedly unwelcome. The game rebounds from this and still has a few interesting scenes left, but it never regains the charm it had at the start. Incidentally, here's some free advice: Ventrue characters would be wise to be conservative with their powers in the sewers, as non-rat blood sources are few and the sewer run is much, MUCH longer than you'd expect.

Which is one good reason why you play a Malkavian instead. Malks get most of the cool stuff Ventrue have, but they can eat sewer rats like popcorn. Oh, and they dress better than the Ventrue.

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