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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

There are 224 articles associated with this tag:

10-Nov-2020 [Interview] Troika veteran Chad Moore talks Arcanum, Bloodlines and more at GameBanshee
21-May-2018 [Interview] Paradox's Fredrik Wester and Shams Jorjani on Tyranny 2 and Bloodlines 2
5-Feb-2018 [Interview] Matt Chat 397: Interview with Leonard Boyarsky, Part Three
15-Dec-2017 [Interview] Leonard Boyarsky Mega-Interview at PCGamesN
23-Feb-2017 [People News] Leonard Boyarsky at SINFO 24 - A Life in Video Games
30-Sep-2016 [Codex Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on joining Obsidian, Fallout & Bloodlines cut content and more
19-May-2016 [Interview] Feargus Urquhart talks about Tyranny, Bloodlines 2 and Obsidian's Future at Gamepressure
5-May-2016 [Company News] "Vampire Bloodlines" trademarked by White Wolf Publishing
25-Apr-2016 [Game News] Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Released on GOG
25-Apr-2014 [Mod News] Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 9.0 Released
3-Feb-2014 [Review] Vampire: The Masquerade retrospective article at Hardcore Gaming 101
19-Oct-2013 [Review] Arcanum & Vampire: Bloodlines-- Lost Classics of Troika Games
10-Jul-2013 [Editorial] Reanimated: Eurogamer VTM:B retrospective profiles Brian Mitsoda and Wesp5
15-Aug-2012 [Interview] Brian Mitsoda Interview at The Critical Bit
10-Jun-2012 [Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Rich Thomas, White Wolf's Creative Director, on World of Darkness & Art Design
7-May-2012 [Interview] RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on Fallout, Interplay and Troika
4-Sep-2011 [Editorial] Tranny Grimdark - Hyperreality in Bloodlines & Dragon Age
9-Nov-2010 [Review] Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Review
4-Nov-2010 [Editorial] Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Retrospective
23-Sep-2010 [Mod News] VtM: Bloodlines - Unofficial Patch7.1
27-May-2010 [Mod News] Vampire: Bloodlines Clan Quest Mod 2.0 Released
14-Apr-2010 [Editorial] Bloodlines Retrospective
9-Apr-2010 [Game News] Bloodlines: Antitribu Mod Announced
8-Apr-2010 [Game News] Bloodlines Revival Project
1-Apr-2010 [Mod News] Bloodlines UnofficialPatch 6.9 released
10-Mar-2010 [Review] Bloodlines - Just Shy of Greatness
6-Apr-2009 [Interview] Brian Mitsoda on Bloodlines
26-Feb-2009 [Mod News] Vampire Bloodlines companion mod
14-Feb-2009 [Mod News] Unofficial Bloodlines Patch Version 6.0 Released
11-Feb-2009 [Editorial] Bloodlines - We may never pass this way again
22-Feb-2008 [Mod News] Bloodlines unofficial patch updated to v4.8
7-Dec-2007 [Mod News] Bloodlines Unofficial 4.4 Patch
12-Jul-2007 [Mod News] Bloodlines unofficially patched to 3.8
12-Jun-2007 [Community] Vampire: Bloodlines True VTMB Patch hits 4.04AT
25-May-2007 [Mod News] Vampire Masquerade unofficial patch 3.6 primed and ready
23-Apr-2007 [Community] VtmB patch controversy quelled and patch reboot
20-Apr-2007 [Game News] Vampire Bloodlines True Patch rises up to ver.4.03AT
16-Apr-2007 [Game News] Vampire Bloodlines True Patch ver.4.02AT
13-Jan-2007 [Mod News] Vampire Masquerade unofficial patch 3.3 released
12-Oct-2006 [Editorial] Bloodlines - a great game you've never played
22-Mar-2006 [Game News] New Bloodlines fan patch
13-Jan-2006 [Mod News] Bloodlines fan patch hits 2.0
14-Dec-2005 [Review] Good Bloodlines review
1-Dec-2005 [Game News] New Bloodlines fan patch
16-Nov-2005 [Game News] Bloodlines revisited on PlanetVampire
21-Oct-2005 [Mod News] Bloodlines bug fix and other things upped to 1.8
3-Sep-2005 [Mod News] Bloodlines fan patch/mod 1.7 released
7-Aug-2005 [Mod News] Bloodlines fan patch hits 1.6
11-Jun-2005 [Mod News] Bloodlines fan patch 1.5 released
3-May-2005 [Mod News] New Bloodlines fan patch
9-Mar-2005 [Review] RPGFan reviews Vampire
27-Feb-2005 [Review] GamingExcellence Drinks Up Bloodlines
25-Feb-2005 [Game News] Posthumous GOTY for Bloodlines at RPGDot
22-Feb-2005 [Review] RPGDot: Biggest Dissapointment and Surprise RPGs of 2004
21-Feb-2005 [Game News] Bloodlines sounds good to RPGDot
19-Feb-2005 [Review] G4TechTV mesmerized by Bloodlines, boobs
17-Feb-2005 [Review] NetJak Dislikes Bloodlines
15-Feb-2005 [Review] Winterwind digs Bloodlines
9-Feb-2005 [Review] Bloodlines gets some late love from Prophecy
3-Feb-2005 [Review] Armchair Empire contented with Bloodlines
29-Jan-2005 [Review] Pair of Bloodlines reviews at GPM and Guru3D
28-Jan-2005 [Review] Terra Arcanum reviews Bloodlines
22-Jan-2005 [Game News] AIAS Awards still funny after all these years
10-Jan-2005 [Review] Bloodlines Declared Ugly Ass Bug-Ridden Piece of Shit
10-Jan-2005 [Review] Bloodlines adored by HomeLAN Fed
9-Jan-2005 [Review] More Bloodlines related bad puns, love, and ignorance
9-Jan-2005 [Review] Game Over for Bloodlines at Game Over
7-Jan-2005 [Review] Bushel of positive Bloodlines reviews
5-Jan-2005 [Review] DailyGame enjoys Bloodlines
2-Jan-2005 [Review] Bloodlines okayed at CGN
30-Dec-2004 [Review] Gaming Nexus favours horrid Vampire puns
26-Dec-2004 [Editorial] Bloodlines is VE3D's RPG of the Year
23-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines kinda okay with GameHelper
22-Dec-2004 [Review] RPGVault reviews Bloodlines
22-Dec-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Official Patch 1.2
21-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines reviewed by GamersInfo?
17-Dec-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines named IGN's PC RPG of the Year
16-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines trashed by some morons at ComputerGames
14-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines checked out by Tom's Hardware
13-Dec-2004 [Review] Crop of positive Bloodlines reviews
11-Dec-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines spanked at Gaming Groove
9-Dec-2004 [Review] AVault mehs Bloodlines
8-Dec-2004 [Game News] Shades of ToEE! Unofficial Bloodlines patch from Dilapidation
8-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines is just all right with Gamers.com
6-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines reviewed at Jolt
3-Dec-2004 [Review] More Bloodlines loving from TVG
3-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines adoration at 3DAvenue
3-Dec-2004 [Review] GameZilla heartily endorses Bloodlines
2-Dec-2004 [Review] Bloodlines pleases ToTheGame
2-Dec-2004 [Review] Warcry loves Bloodlines
2-Dec-2004 [Review] The first idiotic Bloodlines review
2-Dec-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines talk at GameAxis
1-Dec-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines appears on sales charts
1-Dec-2004 [Interview] Leon chats with GameBanshee
30-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines mixed blessing at FiringSquad
29-Nov-2004 [Review] Some stupid site posts a crappy Bloodlines review
29-Nov-2004 [Codex Review] Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Review
29-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines lapped up by ReviewGamer
29-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines makes Telefragged swoon
27-Nov-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Patch Due Shortly
26-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines approved by GameArena
25-Nov-2004 [Review] Vampire review at Worthplaying
25-Nov-2004 [Interview] Leon spills the beans for FileFront
25-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines okayed at Games Domain
25-Nov-2004 [Game News] Troubleshooting FAQ for Bloodlines up
25-Nov-2004 [Information] Troika's FAQ of Bloodlines Troubleshooting
24-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines mixed cocktail at Eurogamer
24-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines reigns over Game Chronicles
21-Nov-2004 [Review] GameZone likes Bloodlines
20-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines reviewed at Computer and Video Games
20-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines excites the loins of ActionTrip
19-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines Dominates UGO.com
19-Nov-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines glitch reporting forum up
18-Nov-2004 [Review] GameSpot somewhat more critical of Bloodlines
18-Nov-2004 [Review] IGN approves of Bloodlines
17-Nov-2004 [Review] GameSpy sez Bloodlines good but not great
16-Nov-2004 [Review] Bloodlines praised at ConsoleGold
16-Nov-2004 [Review] Next Level Gaming loves Bloodlines
11-Nov-2004 [Preview] FileFront previews Bloodlines
9-Nov-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines confirmed for the 16th
6-Nov-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines spotted at Gamespot
4-Nov-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines preview/interview at GameZone
2-Nov-2004 [Interview] Leon Boyarsky talks Bloodlines at FileFront
31-Oct-2004 [Preview] In unrelated news - here's another Bloodlines preview
30-Oct-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines go for broke
30-Oct-2004 [Preview] Game Zone brings us Bloodlines preview and free fanfic to boot
30-Oct-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines preview marathon continues
30-Oct-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines, Bloodlines, Bloodlines
29-Oct-2004 [Preview] More Bloodlines action at Game Chronicles
29-Oct-2004 [Preview] Gamespy up close and personal with Bloodlines
29-Oct-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines preview at ActionTrip
26-Oct-2004 [Preview] GamePro previews Bloodlines
22-Oct-2004 [Game News] Leon answers A LOT of Bloodlines questions
20-Oct-2004 [Preview] IGN also takes a look at Chinatown in Bloodlines
20-Oct-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines fun at GameSpot
19-Oct-2004 [Game News] Official Bloodlines release date thread
19-Oct-2004 [Preview] GameSpy previews Bloodlines
17-Oct-2004 [Interview] Boyarsky's vampiric crusade reaches Planet Bloodlines
11-Oct-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines - multiplayer mode debunked!
2-Oct-2004 [Development Info] Gamespot reveals Bloodlines soundtrack and movie
29-Sep-2004 [Development Info] Vampire Warcry gets some Bloodlines answers
27-Sep-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines box art - sex sells?
16-Sep-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines Update #17
28-Aug-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines trivia at VGL
21-Aug-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines peek at Warcry
21-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines bantering at GameBanshee
21-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines interview on GameBanshee
10-Aug-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines Weekly Update #16
9-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines Q&A at Troika Chronicles
9-Aug-2004 [Interview] RPGVault talks Bloodlines combat with Boyarsky
4-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines badgers at GameZone
31-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Weekly Update #15
23-Jul-2004 [Preview] More Bloodlines videos at Games Domain
19-Jul-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines sneak n' peak by Yahoo! Games Domain
19-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Weekly Update #14
5-Jul-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines Weekly Update #13
30-Jun-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines interview right here
30-Jun-2004 [Codex Interview] V:tm - Bloodlines; Leonard Boyarsky interviewed
18-Jun-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines update #12
17-Jun-2004 [Development Info] No Bloodlines Demo Planned
16-Jun-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Developer Diary #7
8-Jun-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines weekly update #11
3-Jun-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines chit chat at Terra-Arcanum
30-May-2004 [Preview] Vampire: Bloodlines Preview @ Actiontrip
22-May-2004 [Preview] Warcry Previews Vampire: Bloodlines
18-May-2004 [Interview] RPGDot talks with Leon Boyarsky about Bloodlines
11-May-2004 [Preview] GameSpy E3 previews: Bloodlines
10-May-2004 [Interview] Bloodlines interview at RPG Vault
7-May-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines Preshow impressions at GameSpot
4-May-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines E3 preview at IGN
4-May-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines dev diary thingy at GameSpot
3-May-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Weekly Update #10
1-May-2004 [Interview] Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines character system
26-Apr-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines weekly update
25-Apr-2004 [Preview] Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines at PC Games Online
12-Apr-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines: Retarded questions of the week
7-Apr-2004 [Preview] CGW previews Bloodlines
4-Apr-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines Update #7
23-Mar-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines forums update
23-Mar-2004 [Interview] New Bloodlines Developer Diary at GameSpot
11-Mar-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines update #5
8-Mar-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines discussing at Boomtown
5-Mar-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines info at Gaming Age
4-Mar-2004 [Interview] Homelan chats with Leonard Boyarsky
29-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines peek at GameSpy
25-Feb-2004 [Preview] ActionTrip takes a closer look at Bloodlines
24-Feb-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines Weekly Update #4... sorta
24-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines Previewed at 1UP
21-Feb-2004 [Preview] Also a Bloodlines preview at IGN
21-Feb-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines movies at PC.IGN
21-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bloodlines preview at GameSpot
16-Feb-2004 [Development Info] And it keeps dripping.. (Bloodlines Weekly Update #3)
6-Feb-2004 [Development Info] Droplets of info at Bloodlines Inn
4-Feb-2004 [Development Info] More on Bloodlines release date
3-Feb-2004 [Game News] Bloodlines in 2005
31-Jan-2004 [Development Info] VTM: Bloodlines Weekly Update #1
28-Jan-2004 [Preview] Vampire: Bloodlines Previewed at EchoPlayer
21-Jan-2004 [Development Info] Bloodlines dev diary #4
22-Dec-2003 [Development Info] Bloodlines forum highlights at Circle of Eight
17-Dec-2003 [Development Info] Thus Spoke Leonard Boyarsky
20-Nov-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines dev diary at GameSpot
17-Nov-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines preview at GameBanshee
1-Nov-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines preview at UGO
31-Oct-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines previewed at GameSpy
18-Oct-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines dev diary numero uno over at GameSpot
2-Oct-2003 [Game News] Bloodlines website updated
6-Sep-2003 [Preview] C&VG do a V:tM interview
29-Aug-2003 [Game News] Bloodlines official site is up
14-Aug-2003 [Preview] GamesRadar takes a look at Vampire: The Masqurade -- Bloodlines
14-Aug-2003 [Preview] EuroGamer previews Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines
28-Jul-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines pre-gander at Armchair Empire
28-Jul-2003 [Game News] Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines - Time of Judgement
27-May-2003 [Game News] Gamer's Depot E3 award goes to...
24-May-2003 [Interview] Bloodlines interview at Eye on Troika
22-May-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines hits 20 on GameSpy E3 awards
20-May-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines E3 gander up at GameSpy
18-May-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines preview at RPGDot
16-May-2003 [Preview] Bloodlines E3 thingy at IGN
15-May-2003 [Game News] Bloodlines E3 screenshots at Shacknews
14-May-2003 [Preview] Vampire: Bloodlines preview at HomeLan
13-May-2003 [Game News] Vampire: Bloodlines trailer
7-May-2003 [Interview] Vampire: Bloodlines interview
6-May-2003 [Preview] Troika's other game
12-Apr-2003 [Company News] Troika hiring for Action CRPG title

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