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Bloodlines pleases ToTheGame

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Bloodlines pleases ToTheGame

Review - posted by Spazmo on Thu 2 December 2004, 23:59:44

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

ToTheGame have their own review of Troika's latest up, which more or less echoes other reviews. Their final score for the game is 8/10.
Using the Source Engine ala Half Life 2, you’ll be able to notice some very stellar effects such as the look of water reflecting the world around it, the pale lighting of the moon on a character’s face, great lip-synching and probably most noticeable, the character’s face. Just as in Half Life 2 the movement and expressions of a character’s face are some of nicest created. Add in the eeriness of the eyes and you’ve got faces more than just your mother will love. Though not as high caliber as Half Life 2 these effects pay tribute to a great engine. Which is ever obvious when watching certain disciplines in action or seeing a zombie walk around on fire.
I personally haven't played Half Life 2, but Bloodlines' facial animation really sets a new mark for immersion in dialog.
Spotted at: RPGDot

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