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Troika Games

Troika Games

Articles associated with this tag:

30-Sep-2016 RPG Codex Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on joining Obsidian, Fallout & Bloodlines cut content and more
8-Aug-2014 RPG Codex Retrospective: Roguey dismantles white privilege in Tim Cain's Temple of Elemental Evil
4-Sep-2012 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Tim Cain on Fallout, Troika and RPG Design
7-May-2012 RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Leonard Boyarsky on Fallout, Interplay and Troika
29-Nov-2004 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Review
25-Nov-2004 Troika's FAQ of Bloodlines Troubleshooting
30-Jun-2004 V:tm - Bloodlines; Leonard Boyarsky interviewed
2-Oct-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil Review
24-Sep-2003 Post ToEE chat log
2-May-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil chat log
12-Feb-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil developer chat log
13-Jan-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil interview
3-Dec-2002 Leon Boyarsky - Thoughts on RPG development
25-Nov-2002 Tim Cain - A Christmas Lesson on CRPG Design
10-Nov-2020 Troika veteran Chad Moore talks Arcanum, Bloodlines and more at GameBanshee
3-Oct-2019 Arcanum Unofficial Patch 1.5 Released
5-Feb-2018 Matt Chat 397: Interview with Leonard Boyarsky, Part Three
15-Dec-2017 Leonard Boyarsky Mega-Interview at PCGamesN
5-Jul-2017 Arcanum High Resolution Patch Version 1.5 Release
23-Feb-2017 Leonard Boyarsky at SINFO 24 - A Life in Video Games
30-Aug-2016 Arcanum and Quest for Glory 1-5 released on Steam
25-Apr-2016 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Released on GOG
2-Apr-2016 Temple+ Engine Enhancement and Bugfix Mod for The Temple of Elemental Evil Released
15-Nov-2015 Arcanum Underworld: Ultima Underworld-inspired pitch document for unmade Arcanum sequel
29-Apr-2015 Codex Scoop: Temple of Elemental Evil world editor discovered hidden in game's official Polish patch
25-Apr-2014 Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 9.0 Released
19-Oct-2013 Arcanum & Vampire: Bloodlines-- Lost Classics of Troika Games
10-Jul-2013 Reanimated: Eurogamer VTM:B retrospective profiles Brian Mitsoda and Wesp5
26-Jun-2012 Jason Anderson Interview
6-Dec-2010 Arcanum Now Compatible With Windows 7 on GOG
9-Nov-2010 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Review
4-Nov-2010 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Retrospective
13-Oct-2010 ToEE Available on GoG
23-Sep-2010 VtM: Bloodlines - Unofficial Patch7.1
6-Sep-2010 Co8 Modpacks 5.9.0 BETA and 5.9.0 NC BETA Released
27-May-2010 Vampire: Bloodlines Clan Quest Mod 2.0 Released
29-Apr-2010 Circle of Eight unleashes 5.8.0
14-Apr-2010 Bloodlines Retrospective
9-Apr-2010 Bloodlines: Antitribu Mod Announced
8-Apr-2010 Bloodlines Revival Project
1-Apr-2010 Bloodlines UnofficialPatch 6.9 released
29-Mar-2010 Arcanum Steampunk Semi-Erotic Fanfiction Winners
18-Mar-2010 Arcanum Steampunk Semi-Erotic Fanfiction Contest
10-Mar-2010 Bloodlines - Just Shy of Greatness
1-Feb-2010 Arcanum reviewed
6-Apr-2009 Brian Mitsoda on Bloodlines
14-Feb-2009 Unofficial Bloodlines Patch Version 6.0 Released
11-Feb-2009 Bloodlines - We may never pass this way again
22-Feb-2008 Bloodlines unofficial patch updated to v4.8
7-Dec-2007 Bloodlines Unofficial 4.4 Patch
12-Jul-2007 Bloodlines unofficially patched to 3.8
25-May-2007 Vampire Masquerade unofficial patch 3.6 primed and ready
23-Apr-2007 VtmB patch controversy quelled and patch reboot
20-Apr-2007 Vampire Bloodlines True Patch rises up to ver.4.03AT
16-Apr-2007 Vampire Bloodlines True Patch ver.4.02AT
15-Feb-2007 Arcanum nostalgia at GamersInfo
13-Jan-2007 Vampire Masquerade unofficial patch 3.3 released
28-Dec-2006 The Rise and Fall of Troika
12-Oct-2006 Bloodlines - a great game you've never played
11-Jul-2006 Circle of Eight ToEE fixpack version 5 out
22-Mar-2006 New Bloodlines fan patch
13-Jan-2006 Bloodlines fan patch hits 2.0
14-Dec-2005 Good Bloodlines review
1-Dec-2005 New Bloodlines fan patch
21-Oct-2005 Bloodlines bug fix and other things upped to 1.8
3-Sep-2005 Bloodlines fan patch/mod 1.7 released
7-Aug-2005 Bloodlines fan patch hits 1.6
11-Jun-2005 Bloodlines fan patch 1.5 released
3-May-2005 New Bloodlines fan patch
7-Apr-2005 TOEE: Livonya's Mod Beta 1.0
24-Mar-2005 Leon talks to GameBanshee
16-Mar-2005 GameSpy on Troika and publishers
9-Mar-2005 RPGFan reviews Vampire
28-Feb-2005 Troika games sales figures
27-Feb-2005 GamingExcellence Drinks Up Bloodlines
25-Feb-2005 Posthumous GOTY for Bloodlines at RPGDot
25-Feb-2005 Another Troika interview
25-Feb-2005 Leon Boyarsky talks to CGM
24-Feb-2005 Troika is closed
22-Feb-2005 RPGDot: Biggest Dissapointment and Surprise RPGs of 2004
21-Feb-2005 Bloodlines sounds good to RPGDot
21-Feb-2005 GameBanshee reviews Arcanum
20-Feb-2005 Penny Arcade Disses Troika
19-Feb-2005 G4TechTV mesmerized by Bloodlines, boobs
18-Feb-2005 Troika PA engine
17-Feb-2005 NetJak Dislikes Bloodlines
17-Feb-2005 Troika Demise Confirmation
16-Feb-2005 Troika Closes Its Doors
15-Feb-2005 Winterwind digs Bloodlines
3-Feb-2005 Armchair Empire contented with Bloodlines
30-Jan-2005 Is Troika Dead?
29-Jan-2005 Pair of Bloodlines reviews at GPM and Guru3D
29-Jan-2005 Bizarre rumours: Troika shutting down?
28-Jan-2005 Terra Arcanum reviews Bloodlines
9-Jan-2005 More Bloodlines related bad puns, love, and ignorance
9-Jan-2005 Game Over for Bloodlines at Game Over
7-Jan-2005 Bushel of positive Bloodlines reviews
5-Jan-2005 DailyGame enjoys Bloodlines
2-Jan-2005 Bloodlines okayed at CGN
30-Dec-2004 Gaming Nexus favours horrid Vampire puns
26-Dec-2004 Bloodlines is VE3D's RPG of the Year
24-Dec-2004 New ToEE patch fixes WinXPSP2 issues
22-Dec-2004 RPGVault reviews Bloodlines
22-Dec-2004 Bloodlines Official Patch 1.2
17-Dec-2004 Bloodlines named IGN's PC RPG of the Year
16-Dec-2004 Bloodlines trashed by some morons at ComputerGames
13-Dec-2004 Crop of positive Bloodlines reviews
9-Dec-2004 AVault mehs Bloodlines
8-Dec-2004 Shades of ToEE! Unofficial Bloodlines patch from Dilapidation
8-Dec-2004 Bloodlines is just all right with Gamers.com
6-Dec-2004 Bloodlines reviewed at Jolt
3-Dec-2004 More Bloodlines loving from TVG
3-Dec-2004 Bloodlines adoration at 3DAvenue
3-Dec-2004 GameZilla heartily endorses Bloodlines
2-Dec-2004 Bloodlines pleases ToTheGame
2-Dec-2004 Warcry loves Bloodlines
2-Dec-2004 The first idiotic Bloodlines review
2-Dec-2004 Bloodlines talk at GameAxis
1-Dec-2004 Bloodlines appears on sales charts
1-Dec-2004 Leon chats with GameBanshee
30-Nov-2004 TOEE Lives!
29-Nov-2004 Some stupid site posts a crappy Bloodlines review
27-Nov-2004 Bloodlines Patch Due Shortly
26-Nov-2004 Troika's Next: MMORPG
26-Nov-2004 Bloodlines approved by GameArena
25-Nov-2004 Vampire review at Worthplaying
25-Nov-2004 Troika articlette on FileFront
25-Nov-2004 Leon spills the beans for FileFront
25-Nov-2004 Bloodlines okayed at Games Domain
21-Nov-2004 GameZone likes Bloodlines
20-Nov-2004 Bloodlines reviewed at Computer and Video Games
19-Nov-2004 Bloodlines Dominates UGO.com
19-Nov-2004 Bloodlines glitch reporting forum up
18-Nov-2004 GameSpot somewhat more critical of Bloodlines
18-Nov-2004 IGN approves of Bloodlines
17-Nov-2004 GameSpy sez Bloodlines good but not great
16-Nov-2004 Bloodlines praised at ConsoleGold
16-Nov-2004 Next Level Gaming loves Bloodlines
11-Nov-2004 FileFront previews Bloodlines
9-Nov-2004 Bloodlines confirmed for the 16th
6-Nov-2004 Bloodlines spotted at Gamespot
2-Nov-2004 Leon Boyarsky talks Bloodlines at FileFront
31-Oct-2004 In unrelated news - here's another Bloodlines preview
30-Oct-2004 Bloodlines go for broke
30-Oct-2004 Game Zone brings us Bloodlines preview and free fanfic to boot
30-Oct-2004 Bloodlines preview marathon continues
30-Oct-2004 Bloodlines, Bloodlines, Bloodlines
29-Oct-2004 More Bloodlines action at Game Chronicles
29-Oct-2004 Gamespy up close and personal with Bloodlines
29-Oct-2004 Bloodlines preview at ActionTrip
26-Oct-2004 GamePro previews Bloodlines
22-Oct-2004 Leon answers A LOT of Bloodlines questions
20-Oct-2004 IGN also takes a look at Chinatown in Bloodlines
19-Oct-2004 Official Bloodlines release date thread
19-Oct-2004 GameSpy previews Bloodlines
17-Oct-2004 Boyarsky's vampiric crusade reaches Planet Bloodlines
12-Oct-2004 Leon talks to GameBanshee
11-Oct-2004 Bloodlines - multiplayer mode debunked!
8-Oct-2004 TOEE: Fan Fixes Patch 3.0.4
7-Oct-2004 Another Troika tech demo screenshot surfaces
2-Oct-2004 NMA's big to-do about nothing posted as advertised
2-Oct-2004 Gamespot reveals Bloodlines soundtrack and movie
29-Sep-2004 Vampire Warcry gets some Bloodlines answers
27-Sep-2004 Will wonders never cease - 3rd ToEE patch a possibilty
27-Sep-2004 Bloodlines box art - sex sells?
22-Sep-2004 Work at Troika?
16-Sep-2004 Bloodlines Update #17
11-Sep-2004 Arcanum praised at MyGamer
28-Aug-2004 Bloodlines trivia at VGL
27-Aug-2004 Leonard Boyarsky and the PA game
24-Aug-2004 Leon Boyarsky on... things.
21-Aug-2004 Bloodlines peek at Warcry
21-Aug-2004 Bloodlines bantering at GameBanshee
21-Aug-2004 Bloodlines interview on GameBanshee
10-Aug-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #16
9-Aug-2004 Bloodlines Q&A at Troika Chronicles
9-Aug-2004 RPGVault talks Bloodlines combat with Boyarsky
4-Aug-2004 Bloodlines badgers at GameZone
2-Aug-2004 Troika's post-apocalyptic screenshots at NMA!
31-Jul-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #15
19-Jul-2004 Bloodlines sneak n' peak by Yahoo! Games Domain
19-Jul-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #14
5-Jul-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #13
30-Jun-2004 Bloodlines interview right here
24-Jun-2004 GameSpy: Go play Arcanum
18-Jun-2004 Bloodlines update #12
17-Jun-2004 No Bloodlines Demo Planned
16-Jun-2004 Bloodlines Developer Diary #7
8-Jun-2004 Temple of Elemental Evil: A Little Secret
8-Jun-2004 Bloodlines weekly update #11
5-Jun-2004 G4techTV hates ToEE
30-May-2004 Vampire: Bloodlines Preview @ Actiontrip
28-May-2004 HELL FREEZES OVER! ToEE patch #2 released!
22-May-2004 Warcry Previews Vampire: Bloodlines
18-May-2004 RPGDot talks with Leon Boyarsky about Bloodlines
14-May-2004 Second ToEE path details
11-May-2004 GameSpy E3 previews: Bloodlines
10-May-2004 Bloodlines interview at RPG Vault
7-May-2004 Bloodlines Preshow impressions at GameSpot
3-May-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #10
1-May-2004 Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines character system
29-Apr-2004 Steve Moret talks on ToEE patch #2
26-Apr-2004 Bloodlines weekly update
25-Apr-2004 Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines at PC Games Online
15-Apr-2004 Another unintelligent opinion on ToEE
13-Apr-2004 Some thoughts on ToEE & DnD at Kuro5
7-Apr-2004 WarGamer: ToEE is a must-have
7-Apr-2004 CGW previews Bloodlines
6-Apr-2004 RealGamer confused by ToEE
5-Apr-2004 Steve Moret speaks up on 2nd ToEE patch
23-Mar-2004 New Bloodlines Developer Diary at GameSpot
23-Mar-2004 Tim Cain chats with Troika Chronicles
8-Mar-2004 Bloodlines discussing at Boomtown
4-Mar-2004 Homelan chats with Leonard Boyarsky
24-Feb-2004 Bloodlines Weekly Update #4... sorta
24-Feb-2004 Bloodlines Previewed at 1UP
21-Feb-2004 Also a Bloodlines preview at IGN
21-Feb-2004 Bloodlines preview at GameSpot
16-Feb-2004 Tim Cain talks about Arcanum 2!
16-Feb-2004 And it keeps dripping.. (Bloodlines Weekly Update #3)
6-Feb-2004 Droplets of info at Bloodlines Inn
3-Feb-2004 Bloodlines in 2005
3-Feb-2004 Tim Cain does the small talk with RPGDot
31-Jan-2004 VTM: Bloodlines Weekly Update #1
31-Jan-2004 Troika Chronocles Launches
28-Jan-2004 Vampire: Bloodlines Previewed at EchoPlayer
23-Jan-2004 Troika Needs YOUR Help
21-Jan-2004 Bloodlines dev diary #4
29-Dec-2003 ToEE Satisfies Digital Entertainment News
29-Dec-2003 ToEE Satisfies Digital Entertainment News
22-Dec-2003 Bloodlines forum highlights at Circle of Eight
20-Dec-2003 ToEE gets an award
17-Dec-2003 Thus Spoke Leonard Boyarsky
2-Dec-2003 ToEE - another patch?
25-Nov-2003 Hindsight is 20/20 for ToEE at RPGVault
20-Nov-2003 Bloodlines dev diary at GameSpot
17-Nov-2003 Bloodlines preview at GameBanshee
11-Nov-2003 Time Magazine Rates ToEE in Top Ten Games of 2003
10-Nov-2003 ToEE patch
7-Nov-2003 ToEE demo tomorrow
5-Nov-2003 A taste of the patch
1-Nov-2003 Bloodlines preview at UGO
1-Nov-2003 The ToEE patch is close
31-Oct-2003 Bloodlines previewed at GameSpy
25-Oct-2003 Partial list of ToEE patch fixes
18-Oct-2003 Bloodlines dev diary numero uno over at GameSpot
14-Oct-2003 ToEE still selling
10-Oct-2003 ToEE swooned over by Khabal
9-Oct-2003 ToEE hits the charts!
3-Oct-2003 ToEE doesn't place in Top Ten
2-Oct-2003 ToEE reviewed by us!
2-Oct-2003 Bloodlines website updated
1-Oct-2003 Tim tits for tat with Game Chronicles Monthly
24-Sep-2003 Troika Games Chat Log
22-Sep-2003 Chris Glenn artwork page updated
19-Sep-2003 ToEE Journal #7 at RPGVault
17-Sep-2003 ToEE demo on KaZaa?
17-Sep-2003 Troika chat next week
13-Sep-2003 ToEE earlier
11-Sep-2003 ToEE Q&A at GameZone
11-Sep-2003 Troika Dev Chat hosted by Eye on Troika
10-Sep-2003 ToEE queries and retorts at Greyhawk Chronicles
8-Sep-2003 Greyhawk: ToEE Demo News
7-Sep-2003 ToEE Gold!
7-Sep-2003 ToEE gold?
6-Sep-2003 C&VG do a V:tM interview
5-Sep-2003 Chat with Tim Cain on some flakey software
5-Sep-2003 ToEE Journal #6 at RPGVault
4-Sep-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil is g-g-g-g-GOLD!
4-Sep-2003 ToEE posers and retorts at WorthPlaying
3-Sep-2003 ToEE pre-gander at UGO
29-Aug-2003 Bloodlines official site is up
28-Aug-2003 ToEE spotted at German thingy by RPGDot
30-Jul-2003 ToEE silly questions and spanking answers on eToychest
26-Jun-2003 ToEE truth or dare, minus the dare, at UGO
11-Jun-2003 ToEE interview with Timmy over at RPGDot
6-Jun-2003 ToEE tit for tat at PC.IGN
24-May-2003 Bloodlines interview at Eye on Troika
21-May-2003 ToEE interview at Sorcerer's Place
15-May-2003 ToEE Journal #2 over at RPGVault
7-May-2003 Vampire: Bloodlines interview
19-Apr-2003 Yet another girls on gaming sexism editorial
18-Apr-2003 ToEE journal numero uno up at RPG Vault
8-Apr-2003 ToEE interview over at Sorceror's Place
4-Apr-2003 ToEE Q&A thingy at RPG Vault
27-Mar-2003 Tim Cain forum dealie at AVault
8-Mar-2003 Tim Cain talks briefly to GameSpy
5-Mar-2003 ToEE interview at RPGPlayer
20-Feb-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil Q&A
13-Feb-2003 ToEE interview part 2 at RPG Vault
12-Feb-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil chat log posted
6-Feb-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil Interview on RPGVault
4-Feb-2003 Temple of Elemental Evil interview at GameBanshee.
16-Jan-2003 Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil Interview at HomeLanFed
9-Jan-2003 Tim Cain interview at Greyhawk Chronicles
20-Dec-2002 Tim Cain speaks on Temple of Elemental Evil
25-Nov-2002 Developer Editorial on CRPG Design - Tim Cain

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