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ToEE Journal #7 at RPGVault

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ToEE Journal #7 at RPGVault

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Fri 19 September 2003, 23:39:26

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Tim Cain; Troika Games

RPG Vault have posted the seventh journal on The Temple of Elemental Evil. This edition, penned by Tim Cain deals with the infamous cool stuff list and what the boys at Troika were able to squeeze in just before Atari tore the gold discs away from them.

Monks in the Temple of Elemental Evil have special attack animations. When they are in combat, their hand to hand attacks are more than simple punches or kicks. Instead, they perform hammer kicks and roundhouse kicks, and they even have a special animation for a critical hit. Outside of combat, monks have special fidget animations, where if they stand in one spot for long enough, they begin to practice their hand to hand combat maneuvers.

While these extra animations are eye candy, they do make the monk class feel unique, and they call attention to the fact that a monk's hand to hand attacks are different than any other class. I found that after these animations were added, I always included at least one monk in my party, just to watch the special animations.​

They ought to start signing Everybody was kung-fu fighting when they're not busy, those funky Chinamen.

And remember, RPGCodex is hosting a bit Troika/ToEE dev chat this Tuesday. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

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