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Bloodlines forum highlights at Circle of Eight

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Bloodlines forum highlights at Circle of Eight

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Mon 22 December 2003, 03:16:12

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky; Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Circle of Eight, who, in the wake of the now-defunct Eye-on-Troika, now cover all Troika games, have posted some forum highlights from the Bloodlines Inn board. Here, Leon Boyarsky discusses the humanity bar.

Your humanity bar reacts to your actions in the game, for instance, the killing of innocents lowers your humanity. Your humanity level will change your dialog choices in certain instances, especially ones where morality is involved. A low humanity level will also increase your chances of frenzying. You will be able to raise your humanity through certain quests, as well as through direct spending of points.

So if you want to look human, remember to save those kitties from the trees.

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