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Leon Boyarsky on... things.

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Leon Boyarsky on... things.

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 24 August 2004, 18:46:23

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky; Troika Games

Hardwired has an interview with Leon Boyarsky about all kinds of fun stuff, like Troika making a post apocalyptic CRPG. Here's a bit on why publishers smoke poles:

There is a significant gap amongst these type of games nowadays, and the adorers of the theme are just starving for an excellent, cunning post-apocalyptic RPG. What are the publishers point of view in this matter and how hard is to breathe life into a genre so close to your hearts, but mostly neglected due to current market trends? Did you have success finding a publisher so far?

Most of the publishers we approached with this idea weren't interested in a post apocalyptic RPG because they "don't sell". We did have some interest when we were trying to get a publisher to license Fallout for us, but that never panned out, as you know. It's very difficult in these license driven times to convince a publisher a great post apocalyptic RPG would be a good investment. As I said above we haven't got a deal with any yet, but we're talking to a few that seem really interested in making the game and share our views on what would be a great RPG in this genre.

Be interesting to see the percentage of commercially produced post apocalyptic CRPG that "sold" versus those released as well as fantasy CRPGs that also "sold" versus released. I'm pretty sure there'd be more fantasy CRPG flops out there percentage-wise.

Thanks, Andras Izsof!

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