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Bloodlines dev diary at GameSpot

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Bloodlines dev diary at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 20 November 2003, 01:42:53

Tags: Jason Anderson; Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Gamespot PC has roped Jason Anderson into writing a developer diary on Troika's upcoming World of Darkness action CRPG, Vampire: Bloodlines. The diary talks about the transition from PnP game to Source-powered 3D game.

And so the brain-picking began, along with the reading of all of the second-edition source material. Then it was on to all of the revised editions. By the end of this, my team and I had a fairly solid understanding of the game itself. But even with all of this knowledge, and the firsthand experience some of our employees had playing the pen-and-paper game, we needed more information in order to pinpoint the exact element we were looking for. It was time to brave the Internet.

I searched out fan sites for Vampire all over the Internet. Let me just say this...I have seen things you people wouldn't believe. And though I may be scarred for the rest of my life, I found what I was looking for. Reading the fan sites, I found page after page of fans retelling their role-playing experiences. The main theme on most of these pages seemed to be character interaction.

The Internet will do that to people, yeah.

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