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Greyhawk: ToEE Demo News

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Greyhawk: ToEE Demo News

Game News - posted by Ibbz on Mon 8 September 2003, 16:01:47

Tags: Steve Moret; Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Some juicy information about the upcoming demo {Mentioned in the Gamespy chat log here} has been revealed on the official ToEE forums...

The demo should contain all of the moathouse and its associated levels/dungeons. You are given a 2nd level party and a little bit of backstory on why you are there and it ends when you reach the very bottom of the moathouse.

IIRC the party consists of a Monk, Fighter, Cleric, Bard, and Wizard. All the non moathouse maps have been stripped so there is no worldmap travel, all the spells should be there, all the monsters that don't spawn on the moathouse or in the moathouse random encounter tables have been removed, all the non moathouse music has been removed, and the existing moathouse music has been recompressed (to make it smaller). Most of the movies have been recompressed to be smaller, and lots of the sounds (especially spell sounds) have been compressed to make them a lot smaller (at the expense of quality and a tad bit of performance the first time they are loaded).

The last time I measured it weighed in about 220meg, its mostly all the damn spells and spell effects, not to mention plenty of monster art.

Since the game has already begun it is not in ironman mode, you can save and load games and play the tutorial.
Steve Moret
Lead Programmer, ToEE

This should give people a good chance to test out ToEE and find out whether its worth their dollars, ensuring that they dont waste money on something that isnt up to par {Not that there's currently much to compete with in RPG genre.}

Spotted at RPGDot / Eye on Troika

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