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And it keeps dripping.. (Bloodlines Weekly Update #3)

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And it keeps dripping.. (Bloodlines Weekly Update #3)

Development Info - posted by Whipporowill on Mon 16 February 2004, 19:29:08

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Here we go again. Nothing particularly exciting, but any news is good news - as usual. Here goes the questions for this week:

1. In one preview of the game, it was mentioned that "the amount of
experience you gain is dependant on the completion of missions, and not
actually how you complete them". Is this true? Some people feel this
detracts from replaying the game, as usually different kinds of rewards
stimulate different approaches, and other people believe that it's
unfair to reward characters by doing totally different things, albeit with
similar outcomes. Is this still actually implemented? If so, will this
happen in mission-based objectives only, or will it also spread into
would-be sidequests?

This is still in the game. I feel different approaches to quests arise out
of the type of character you're playing, not necessarily the different
rewards you may get. This actually balnces the playing field so that there
isn't one type of character that's going to get the most points for any
given mission. For instance, in alot of games you get points for killing
things - well, this makes it a bit unfair for the stealth character, doesn't
it? And if we gave you points for a stealthy solution as well as killing,
then the best way to do each quest would be
to stealth around and then kill everyone after you got the points for the
"stealth solution". With even distribution of points across play styles, you
don't need to concern yourself with how best to maximize
your points, instead you can focus on roleplaying your character.

This applies for all quests, whether they are main story arc or side quests.

2. How varied will quest solving be? From previous Troika games, specially
Arcanum, we've been given both the traditional statistical approach of
roleplaying for dialogue choices and outcomes, as well as a more interactive
environmental approach (using the interactive environment to one's
advantage). Will this kind of gameplay be featured in Bloodlines? Will if
feature an emergent gameplay approach such as titles like Deus Ex and
Invisible War, as in, laying out mission objectives, and letting theplayer
find what is best for him to play; or will there be a tighter array of

Even though we've switched to a 3d, first person view, we still feelthis is
a true Troika style RPG. That means we give the player a wide variety of
ways to solve quests, from thieving to talking to outright
fighting. There's definitely a "find your character's best approach"feel to
Bloodlines, and it varies from quest to quest - some quests have much
tighter parameters, and some are completely wide open. This also can depend
on your character's clan, stat choices, etc. For instance, a fighting
machine Brujah may not see/be able to accomplish all the different ways to
solve a quest because of his lack of stealth or talking ability, but a
Brujah with his points more evenly distributed may have more options open to

Maybe we should bother them with some really interesting questions? Anyone? Hello?

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