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Bloodlines Developer Diary #7

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Bloodlines Developer Diary #7

Game News - posted by Exitium on Wed 16 June 2004, 14:39:33

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

GameSpot has on their website the latest Bloodlines Developer Diary with Troika programmer, Dennis Taylor and a bunch of new screenshots to accompany it. Dennis Taylor discusses the AI and their impressive use of it in their upcoming game. Here's a snippet:

You will also meet a lot of thug guards. Much of the game is set up to allow for stealthy characters to find noncombat solutions to finishing the levels. So you can expect to see a fair share of guys on patrols or performing some interesting activities. It can be great fun to listen in on the conversations that the NPCs are having or sneaking up and catching them off guard playing a game of cards.

So long as the player successfully sneaks around, most levels will be much easier. But NPCs can be alerted by many different things. The player could alert them by walking too close and making audible footsteps, firing weapons, walking in lighted areas, knocking over physical objects, and so on. Then the NPCs will come and check out what's going on. Of course, this can be to the player's advantage, as you can use it to lead them away from key places.

I'm liking the sound of that already. The game will allow a multitude of playing styles from the looks of it.

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