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Bloodlines interview right here

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Bloodlines interview right here

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 30 June 2004, 18:27:57

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky; Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

We've just posted our interview with Leon Boyarsky about his first person blood letter, Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines. Here's a bit:

9 What features would you have like to have included in Bloodlines, if money, time and manpower wasn't an issue?

I think that if you asked any developer that question, they’d say they’d like to implement every last detail that they originally envisioned for the game, but was just not feasible due to money/time constraints.
For us specifically, we would have loved to have given the player the opportunity to play one of the independent clans, or even go over to the sabbat side, but that would have necessitated making at least three different games in one. And don’t get me started on Diablerie...

Less CTF, more clans.

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