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New Bloodlines fan patch

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New Bloodlines fan patch

Mod News - posted by Spazmo on Tue 3 May 2005, 15:52:21

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines; VTMB Unofficial Patch

Although Troika is unfortunately gone, it seems fans of Bloodlines haven't given up on the game. Worthplaying are hosting version 1.4 of a fan patch for the game. There's no earth-shatteringly important fixes, but it's something.
* Repaired SWAT rifle crosshair and set damage similar to 'Jamie Sue'.
* Made rifles and crossbows use single shots to fit reload animation.
* Barabus will not be in the Fu Syndicate anymore after you have left.
* Removed illogical placed flamethrower and Ra blade from Hollowbrook.
* Chastity will have the Ra blade and a crossbow can be found nearby.
* Put flaming crossbow, torch and flamethrower at the Leopold Society.
* Changed damage of blunt weapons to fists < arm < baton < bat < iron.
* Made CD quest available to all clans as Malkavian lines were there.
* Fixed Tawni and friend noticing you before accepting Imalia's quest.
* Made vendors sell crossbow bolts with Tseng selling a crossbow too.
* Imalia's magazine quest is now also available after her Tawni quest.
Some games get total conversions or mods from fans. Troika games get patches.
Spotted at: RPGDot

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