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Penny Arcade Disses Troika

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Penny Arcade Disses Troika

Editorial - posted by Exitium on Sun 20 February 2005, 00:41:56

Tags: Troika Games

Penny Arcade, known for their popular, but seldom funny (See? I just dissed you.) comic has posted their thoughts on the Troika situation, with little remorse for the company's demise, almost mirroring the report I wrote a few weeks back which contained remarks that I made in poor taste:
It sounds as though Troika is no more, or at any rate they are liquidating everything in their offices, so if they are still coherent as a developer presumably their next game involves sitting in a bare room. Troika (for those of you with a concussion) is the little company that couldn't, producing games of marvelous, unprecedented promise coupled with epic lapses in technical execution. The company was a hole that great ideas crawled half-way out of, so I hope you'll pardon me if I don't dab the corner of my eye with a handkerchief and try to look strong. There were undeniably talented people there. Hopefully they'll end up someplace where that kind of thing matters.

You will hear no argument from me pertaining to Troika's execution of its titles, Tycho. The comments come across as being a tad cynical and remorseless (much like my own), given the loss of jobs, not to mention a great loss to the RPG community overall. I ought to feel ashamed of myself!

Edit: I might have dissed you guys earlier, but it looks like today's comic is pretty goddamn funny.

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