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The Rise and Fall of Troika

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The Rise and Fall of Troika

Editorial - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 28 December 2006, 14:38:18

Tags: Troika Games

The Escapist has posted an article about The Rise and Fall of Troika, featuring comments from Cain, Boyarsky, and Anderson.

"Right or wrong, we just needed more time to test and polish the games, and none of our three publishers were willing to give it to us. Each and every game was pulled out of our hands before we were through with it. In all fairness, I have to say that we were late and over budget, but that still does not justify giving the public an unfinished product."
And now, the three have scattered in the wind. Boyarsky works in the industry, but wouldn't say where on record. Cain is also in the field, and told me (through Boyarsky): "I am staying in the industry but keeping a much lower profile than I did at Troika. Instead of talking about making games or trying to convince people to play (or publish) my games, I am doing what makes me very happy - making games." And Anderson is in Phoenix with his significant other, selling real estate, though he's "getting the itch to return" to games.

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