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Bloodlines Weekly Update #15

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Bloodlines Weekly Update #15

Game News - posted by Whipporowill on Sat 31 July 2004, 14:54:41

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

It's that time of the week again. Here's the Bloodlines Weekly Update #15 straight from the horses mouth (whoever came up with that saying is beyond me):

Well its update time again so this week we decided to let Producer, David Mullich sit in the hot seat. Here is what he had to say in regards to your inquiries. And don’t forget to mark your calendar as the Bloodlines Tour picks up again next month at Gen Con Indy. Make sure to stop by the White Wolf booth. We’ve got some great surprises lined up for Gen Con that we will tell you about in the coming weeks.

1) Will you ever see a group of NPCs walking down the street together? Every time I play a game where there are NPCs filling the sidewalks they're always by themselves. Don't these characters ever have friends or spouses they talk to while they walk?

That's a slice of reality that we haven't focused on. However, the game does have street characters who gather together and interact with each other -- sometimes in very interesting ways. You'll have to check out the game to find out :)

2) I'd really like to know as much as possible about how the weaknesses are going to play in to things. Speaking of which, I heard that Ventrue get less nourishment from "non-Blue Bloods" and can even throw it up again. So if you play a Ventrue, you can only feed off of Nobles? Can you go into some detail as to how Nosferatu are able to walk around and not immediately break the masquerade?

Right now we are still tuning the strengths and weaknesses for the different clans. In regard to the Ventrue clan, we originally had the requirement for them to feed only on Blue Bloods, but that proved too limiting, so currently we allow them to feed on other characters but receive less blood when doing so.

Nosferatu’s have a definite liability with the risk of sending normal humans into a panic when meeting them face-to-face, but, if players explore around enough they might come across a path for making their way to a location without immediately breaking the Masquerade.

Both are good questions, and are part of that whole "taking the rules from the P&P game, and then balancing them to be fun in a computer game" thing.

As for the street characters interacting in interesting ways - I bet we'll see some prostitution going down and'll have the option to follow the unsuspecting sinners for some dinner by moonlight or something similar. As usual thanks to Shane Defreest, Activision's Bloodlines Community Manager.

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