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ToEE Satisfies Digital Entertainment News

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ToEE Satisfies Digital Entertainment News

Review - posted by Exitium on Mon 29 December 2003, 18:06:22

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

The caption on top of the review reads the line: "Going where no game has boldly gone before - to Greyhawk! Classic D&D lives!" Happily, I am pleased to have arrived at the very same conclusion about the game.

Here's a snippet from the review, which gives the game a fulfilling score of 8.1/10:
Combat is turn-based, and the side with the higher initiative goes first. Pretty standard fare, especially in the D&D world. The spells are ripped straight out of the pages of the latest version of the manual, as are the various feats and skills, so I won’t go into them here. Suffice to say that players looking for something with a bit of depth will definitely find it here.

It should be noted that the review in question has portions of which appeared in the There are 0 comments on ToEE Satisfies Digital Entertainment News

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