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Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines at PC Games Online

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Chefentwickler Boyarsky on Bloodlines at PC Games Online

Preview - posted by Whipporowill on Sun 25 April 2004, 13:50:22

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

German PC Games Online has posted a rather brief preview with some inserts from Troika's Leonard Boyarsky. Nothing new is really revealed, but I couldn't help finding this quote rather enjoyable:

Obwohl Bloodlines auf den ersten Blick wie ein Ego-Shooter erscheint, steckt unter der glänzenden Oberfläche ein waschechtes Rollenspiel. "Wir versuchen, so nah am Origi-nal zu bleiben wie möglich", sagt Chefentwickler Leonard Boyarsky im PC-Games-Interview. "Beispielsweise übernehmen wir das Charakterblatt der Vorlage mit allen Werten und Statistiken."

Leonard Boyarsky, the "Chefentwickler"? Them germans certainly know how to make a job description, interesting, don't they? And oh yeah, if you're wondering what's being said here. It's basically that while at first glance VTM: Bloodlines might seem to be a first-person shooter there's a real rpg below the gleaming hood of the... eh... car, and that Troika will be trying to stay as close to the actual pnp rules as possible. Make sure to check out the screenshots, of which the last two hasn't been spotted by me before. Make sure to click "Bild in Originalgröße" for fullscreen!

Spotted at: GenGamers

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