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Vampire Bloodlines True Patch ver.4.02AT

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Vampire Bloodlines True Patch ver.4.02AT

Game News - posted by Role-Player on Mon 16 April 2007, 16:17:08

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

While it's always nice to see fan communities support developers, the fan efforts of the Bloodlines community have mostly been unsactioned modifications and arbitrary changes to the game with some bug fixes thrown in. However, it has come to my attention the existence of a true Bloodlines patch that finally does what a patch should do - stick to fixing the bugs and restoring content. Created by a VtmB fan, Acrimonious, and hosted by Tessera at her his webspace, the patch aims to restore Troika's game to its full glory. This True Patch is currently at version 4.02AT and you can find more about it here:
If you've been using the previous "beta" version (4.01AT), then I strongly suggest downloading the latest version of our patch and installing it. Several additional bugs were found, not only in the original game, but also within Wesp's so-called "unofficial patches" (mods). Those bugs have been removed and also, some additional content has been restored/fixed as well. Just as with the previous True VTMB Patch, nothing is included that was not originally intended to be in the game by Troika, nor is anything missing. The True VTMB Patch has been a project with only one goal in mind: to restore Bloodlines to being the game that Troika wanted it to be -- minus the bugs and glitches.


(1) Several bugs introduced by Wesp's "unofficial patches" will now be
removed, by installing this version 4.02AT of the True VTMB Patch.

(2) A minor problem with Jeanette was fixed.
(3) A re-skin of Becket that slipped by us on the previous version
has been removed. Becket will now appear as Troika intended for him to.
(4) A couple of scripts were cleaned up.
(5) Histories are now fully operational for ALL clans. They should
be working 100% as Troika had intended for them to.
(6) The FAQ file has been updated by Acrimonious.
To those who already played the game three years ago, this isn't going to change their minds. But it's nonetheless a good starting point to people new to the game or for those looking to find out how the game was meant to be originally.

Spotted at: Tessmage Forums

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