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A taste of the patch

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A taste of the patch

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 5 November 2003, 01:37:44

Tags: Steve Moret; Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Steve Moret, programmer for Troika, has posted a big list of fixes in this here thread on the Atari forums in case anyone is dying to know what bugs in Temple of Elemental Evil will be fixed. Here's just the section on the rules, there are other sections for spells, gameplay and other things in said thread:


* tumble now properly works for characters not in medium or heavy armor.
* evasion/improved evasion now properly works for characters not in medium or heavy armor.
* fixed bard spell failure check when not in medium or heavy armor.
* monk and barbarian fast movement fixed in regards to armor (none, light, medium, heavy).
* ranger feats related to medium and heavy armor are now correct, including two-weapon fighting.
* fast movement for barbarians and monks is now correct in regards to medium or heavy armor.
* paladin divine grace saving throw bonus is now properly adding a bonus from CHA (was CON).
* healing domain power (add +1 to caster level checks for Healing spells) should now work properly.
* fixed 1-handed/2-handed issues with dwarven waraxe.
* fixed 1-handed/2-handed issues with bastard sword.
* fixed weapon proficiency issue with bastard sword.
* fixed certain cases in which a creature was "helpless" but not eligible to be subject to a sneak attack.
* equipped shields now properly count against 2-handed (x1.5) damage with melee weapons.
* monks can now use Power Attack with unarmed strike.
* metamagic feats no longer actually increase DC checks for spells.
* using/drinking potions now correctly incurs AOO's.
* evasion/improved evasion now correctly reduce damage appropriately against an empowered damage spell
* weapon finesse updated to 3.5
* added greater weapon focus to levelup screen
* whirlwind attack no longer free after being used multiple times
* Full attacking with dual weapons now uses the correct weapon.
* cleave no longer works with whirlwind attack
* Corrected bonuses for improved two weapon fighting
* changed short swords to use proper type
* Corrected armor check penalties for masterwork armor
* corrected armor check penalties for crafted magic armor
* corrected critical hit ranges
* greater spell penetration added
* Run actions (and all such derivative actions like Charge) now correctly invalidate a 5' step after performing the action.

Hey, they added a feat and we don't have to pay $30 for it!

Spotted on the Atari forums.

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