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Bloodlines reviewed at Jolt

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Bloodlines reviewed at Jolt

Review - posted by Spazmo on Mon 6 December 2004, 14:57:13

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Jolt's review of Troika's Vampire RPG is up. The score comes to 8.2/10.
The underdeveloped combat is merely the most serious of a litany of other complaints though. There are typographic errors, and the game’s frame rate can become distractingly jerky, even on our test machine which runs the superior-looking HL2 with ease. The AI of enemy characters in combat is also poor, ruining the stealth options open to you. The city of LA also has a strangely point and click adventure feel about it – there are always the same few people hanging around, and so the game word fails to convince as a living, breathing city.
Well, to be fair, it's a vampire game, so living and breathing wouldn't quite be right.
Spotted at: RPGDot

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