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Arcanum Unofficial Patch 1.5 Released

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Arcanum Unofficial Patch 1.5 Released

Mod News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 3 October 2019, 20:27:56

Tags: Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura; Troika Games

After taking a 10 year hiatus Codexer Drog Black Tooth released a new version of his Unofficial Arcanum Patch. Apparently interest in improving this Troika classic further has been big enough for a successful fundraiser campaign, something I wasn't even aware of.

The $500 stretch goal has been reached. The long awaited new version of the Unofficial Arcanum Patch will be released on October 1.
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the support. You guys are amazing! Keep this going and we will do some truly amazing things with this game! The highlights of this release include:

- Everything is now in one pack, no need to follow any installation guide anymore.
- A huge amount of extra animations has been restored from an earlier build of the game, there are now downwards attack animations for all weapon/armor/shield combinations, as well as for most enemies. There are also animations for walking with your weapons out.
- Much longer and higher quality ambient tracks have been restored from an earlier build of the game.
- All official DLC (7 modules in total including the rare Lost Dungeon of Souls) are now included in the patch. High quality townmaps have been compiled for all of them, including the stock Vormantown.
- There's now a selection of beta content restoration modules as well as miscellaneous popular mods such as "Virgil's Debug Menu", all optionally selectable in the installer.
- You can now disable your party members auto-level scheme and distribute their points manually. This includes summoned and mind controlled creatures.
- All party members can now craft, simply right-click on their portrait and choose "Schematics".
- The high resolution patch has now been updated with 32 bit color depth support ensuring better compatibility with Windows 10.
- Music is now available in all modules, not just the base game.
- Added a '-cheatmode' command line switch that re-enables the official cheats.
- Some fixes for certain popular exploits have been rolled back.
- As usual, there are many new bug fixes and content restorations.​

Changelog, download links et cetera to be found on Terra Arcanum.

Thanks Goral for the heads-up.

ps: I'm posting this to farm brofists.

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