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Bloodlines fan patch/mod 1.7 released

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Bloodlines fan patch/mod 1.7 released

Mod News - posted by Spazmo on Sat 3 September 2005, 20:15:24

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines; VTMB Unofficial Patch

The Bloodlines fan patch, which has a lot of good fixes but a lot of dubious modifications, has now hit version 1.7. Here are some download links: 3D Gamers, FileFront, Gameguru Mania. And here's some changelog:
- Lessened the sway of zoomed weapons and balanced with magnification.
- Replaced some male hunters at the Leopold Society with female ones.
- Corrected bug that made it possible to get Ox's harvest quest twice.
- Restored original funny answers when not being able to read a tome.
- Fixed bug of Heather not appearing at the haven for female vampires.
- Restored original models for the low and high grade computer tomes.
- Made Yukie give you the Ra blade instead of taking it from Chastity.
- Corrected wrong name of the cafe and other locations and map names.
- Provided 1 xp for keeping Zhao alive and modified quest accordingly.
- Fixed feat conditions in Muddy bum dialogue and a missing variable.
- Awarded 1 xp for killing Bruno Giovanni and changed log accordingly.
- Corrected wrong subtitles speaker name for Vandal and other people.
- Restored many mistyped intimidate options and some answers to Pisha. ashing bugs that have been missed up until now.
Well, most of that seems to be pretty solid changes. If only the more questionable changes of past updates were optional, this would be great.
Spotted at: Blue's News

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