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Arcanum praised at MyGamer

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Arcanum praised at MyGamer

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 11 September 2004, 17:21:13

Tags: Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura; Troika Games

MyGamer has posted one of those <a href=http://www.mygamer.com/index.php?page=gameportal&mode=reviews&id=226>better-late-then-never reviews[/url] of Arcanum, giving it 8/10, and using words like unrivaled, masterful, and amazing to describe it.

If you can see past the gritty surface of Arcanum you will discover a game with possibly the single most incredible storyline, quest system, and character-dynamic world featured in any RPG to date. I remember the first time I played Arcanum, I thought it was total garbage, but once I understood the inner workings of the character dynamics and the magnificent storyline tied beautifully to the game world—well, I couldn’t put it down. Since the game is different virtually every time you play, the replay value is immeasurable due to the endless possibility of character types, via mixing and matching. A mod system and mod-based multiplayer can also add to the value of the game if you can find some other Arcanum players who are interested in ‘team-bashing’. Arcanum is a superior purchase, reminiscent of the combat style seen in Diablo 2 combined with a Final Fantasy 3 caliber storyline. It’s a must for absolutely any RPG fan.​
I'm not sure I'd describe Arcanum like that, but it's definitely a great game, so pick it up if you haven't already.

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