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Partial list of ToEE patch fixes

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Partial list of ToEE patch fixes

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 25 October 2003, 13:50:32

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Pezman has posted an announcement in the Ztari forums listing some of the things that will be fixed in the upcoming patch for Temple of Elemental Evil. Here's that list:

  • Fixed mouse lockups due to pathing in combat.
  • Fixed crashes when switching maps.
  • Random crash bugs dealing with invalid object handles being stored in conditions should no longer crash.
  • If you kill everyone in the game, there is an end slide about Feldrin escaping, but he never appeared in the game. Feldrin now appears in the game and will have dialog with the party.
  • Produce flame can no longer be cast multiple times in the first round it is cast.
  • Touch attack spells no longer allow infinite actions in the first round they are cast.
  • Magic weapon, Greater magic weapon, Magic vestment and Keen edge are no longer permanent.
  • Several corrections to spells using incorrect caster levels.
  • Tumble now properly works for characters not in medium or heavy armor.
  • Ranger feats related to medium and heavy armor are now correct, including two-weapon fighting.
  • Rangers correctly get animal companions at level 4 (rather than level 5).
  • Movement penalties for MEDIUM and HEAVY armor no longer apply if you are medium or more encumbered.
  • Non-torso armor no longer applies movement penalties if they are classified as "Medium" or "Heavy" armor (e.g. chainmail gloves won't reduce movement but chainmail armor will).
  • Experience now awarded for monsters with CR > 24.
  • NPC's will not mark loot as non-transferable if they do not pick it up (which happened when their inventory was full but they were trying to loot).
  • NPC's cannot be made angry at party members while they are in the party (this avoids the problem of disbanding them and them going KOS on you).

At least we no longer have to kill followers to park them somewhere.

Thanks to Seven9 for the word.

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