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Time Magazine Rates ToEE in Top Ten Games of 2003

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Time Magazine Rates ToEE in Top Ten Games of 2003

Game News - posted by Exitium on Tue 11 November 2003, 03:06:59

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

One of the most well established and most read magazines in the world, TIME Magazine, has rated Temple of Elemental Evil as one of the top ten games of this year at number 6 in the November 17th issue.

A vintage adventure game gets its computerized revival -- no dice necessary

Remember Dungeons & Dragons, that game for anyone who was too smart for his own good in high school and didn't have a date on Friday night? Time was, you needed a pencil, books of character information, a sturdy imagination, similarly afflicted friends, and the ever-present 20-sided dice to play the game.

Not anymore. Temple of Elemental Evil (PC, $45, Atari) is a computerized homage to one of the best-loved adventure games of all time, enhanced with up-to-date graphics. As with the original, loading up your character (and up to four fellow adventurers) with your choice of spells and skills is almost as fun as the action itself. Your goal for the game depends on these choices: make yourself morally good, and you must rescue a missing elf princess from the eponymous temple; choose the path of the evildoers, and you may end up taking over the place. If Dungeons & Dragons had been this much fun, the geeks would have had a lot more dates.

Hawkstrike, who posted the news on the Atari Forum also notes that Neverwinter Nights never received the same recognition last year. Now this is what I call a high acclaim review.

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