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Bloodlines fan patch hits 2.0

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Bloodlines fan patch hits 2.0

Mod News - posted by Spazmo on Fri 13 January 2006, 21:00:53

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines; VTMB Unofficial Patch

3DGamers now offers a download of version 2.0 of the Bloodlines fan patch. Fixlist:
All dialogues matched to speech and fixed thoroughly by RobinHood70.
Repaired a lot of lines that were not audible to female characters.
Removed Empire key after use and continued standardizing many names.
Made Prince react to Persuasion for money when sending you to Ming.
Restored additional lines of Jack, Imalia, Ming-Xiao and the cabbie.
Fixed money bugs with Bill, Hatter, Heather, Misti and prostitutes.
Made Empire clerk bisexual, responding to Seduction from either sex.
Restored Ventrue specific Prince dialogue and more cut extra lines.
Removed an exploit with Copper and fixed Jeanette taking your knife.
Restored unused Nosferatu and Malkavian lines of Tseng and Wong Ho.
Fixed possibility of Beckett not talking on return from the Society.
Corrected bug caused by 1.9 corruption that broke Chinatown quests.
Restored feeding on rats that would not work for some people in 1.9.
Lessened MAC-10 kickback on firing with increasing firearms skills.
Moved dance spot at club Confession because of the cross-zoom error.
Made crossbow bolts purchasable sooner and added a doll easter egg.
Provided baseball bat and tire iron to anyone skipping the tutorial.
Corrected Hitman quest rewards and added peace-talk lines for both.
Fixed problems with morphine quest and more after angering Mercurio.
Cut exclamation of Nadia that was audible when she was not present.
Removed the annoying sidetable in Gary's lair and hid two map holes.
Changed wrong status display for the power of pump 118a in warrens.
Some nice work, of course, but wasn't there talk of 2.0 being a real big deal?
Spotted at: Blue's News

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