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Leon Boyarsky talks to CGM

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Leon Boyarsky talks to CGM

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 25 February 2005, 18:18:40

Tags: Troika Games

CGM has posted a post-mortem interview with Troika's Leon

When did you and the rest of the company realize that Troika Games might not survive past the release of Bloodlines?

It was about a month after Bloodlines’ release that it became apparent we were not going to be landing a contract.

While Bloodlines was critically acclaimed, Activision did not do a lot of marketing and publicity just prior to its release and it also shipped to stores the same week as Half-Life 2. Do you feel those factors adversely affected sales of the game?

I think that they definitely affected the initial sales at least, though I know Activision would disagree with me. Since Bloodlines did have the best marketing of any of Troika’s games, it’s kind of hard to judge the affect of that aspect on the release.

In your letter to No Mutants Allowed, you hinted that this may not be quite the end for Troika. Is it possible that you and other members of the team might start a new developer with the Troika name attached?

Tim, Jason and myself are trying to decide what we’re going to do next and at the moment, none of us really has any idea what we want to do. While I’d like to believe Troika will come back, I doubt it will actually happen.

Leon has also expressed some interest in working with Bethesda on Fallout, although that sounds more like a polite thing to say than anything else.

Thanks, DemonKing

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