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Troika Closes Its Doors

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Troika Closes Its Doors

Company News - posted by Exitium on Wed 16 February 2005, 15:50:33

Tags: Troika Games

The following is a sad little e-mail which will come has a dissapointment to many here at the Codex, and has been circulating for a couple of days, was posted yesterday at No Mutants Allowed. It reveals that Troika is selling its office equipment, supplies and computers off, and that more importantly, it reveals that Troika is closing its doors:

After 7 exciting years, and 3 published games, Troika Games is closing its doors forever!

* Computers - P3 & up
* Monitors 13" - 21"
* Desks
* Chairs
* Conference Tables
* Filing Cabinets
* Cubicle System
* Canon Copier
* and much more!

Saturday, Feb. 19th 9am - 1pm only 17991 Cowan in Irvine (Cash & Carry)
Let our loss be your gain.
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone that may be interested in the sale.

The words I previously said about Troika were harsh, and uncalled for and for this I apologise. It is truly sad to see the demise of a company with so much potential, as well as the same company that brought us one of the best RPGs in recent years, Arcanum.

David Marsh of Troika has confirmed this e-mail to be legitimate, and had this to say to me:

Time to pop the champagne Exitium.

I'm not going to gloat. Despite the words I had to say on Troika's demise a few weeks back, I've come to realize that I'd have only popped a champagne bottle if Troika proved resilient to the test of time and adversity and managed to live on.

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