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Pair of Bloodlines reviews at GPM and Guru3D

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Pair of Bloodlines reviews at GPM and Guru3D

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 29 January 2005, 04:28:40

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Two Vampire: Bloodlines reviews--one at GPM and the other at Guru3D offer another pair of perspectives on Troika's latest title. GPM rates the game 8.6/10, though they criticize Troika's lack of support for the game. Guru3D doesn't have a rating, but, much like many others, they like the game in spite of its flaws. Here's Guru3D summing things up.
After the various criticisms I have mentioned above, you could be forgiven for wondering what I make of this game. The truth is that despite some of these short comings I absolutely loved my time spent wandering the underbelly of LA. The in depth characters, varied quests, and political complexities of the plot are absorbing, and engaging. Couple this with the unending fun of being able to feast on an unlimited supply of human flesh, and the ability to gruesomely kill your enemy’s with a variety of powers, you can find yourself immersed in an alternate world.
Read more here and here.
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