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The first idiotic Bloodlines review

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The first idiotic Bloodlines review

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 2 December 2004, 23:22:38

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

A site with a stupid name Inside Pulse that mostly covers console crap, has posted the first idiotic review of Bloodlines, loudly complaining about graphics, low replayability, insufficient addictiveness, and poor originality. The score is 5.1 because the dumbfuck has invented tons of categories including Miscellaneous: 3.0 to bring the overall score down.

People may argue that there is a ton of replayability in the game, but I don't have any desire to play it again, so I won't. But there is some amount of replayability I suppose. You can choose from 8 vampire clans, each with different special abilities and each with different ways of getting things done. Despite the different vampire clans, I'm pretty sure there is only one ending. I didn't really want to play again to make sure though. Also, it's rather disappointing that each clan only has a male and female model, and you can't really customize your appearance any. Rating: 5.0

While there aren't that many V:TM video games, there have been plenty of vampire games in general. This is different enough in that it's the first vampire RPG I can remember. And having the V:TM license makes it different enough, but as a whole, this game doesn't have much that makes it completely unique. Rating: 5.0

Ugh, after a while, I simply did not want to play this game anymore. It didn't have any fun, and like I said, the only thing that kept my interest at all was the story and dialogue. I grew attached to a total of one character and liked what he had to say, but other than that, I just wanted it to end. Rating: 2.0

What a load of crap.

Edit: Don't forget to check out the FOBOS review:

Fallout: BoS is the latest game in the series that started in 1997 to critical acclaim. Fallout Tactics followed eventually, garnering the same kind of cult following the original Fallout had.

And now we have a Brotherhood of Steel. Which follows the Fallout Pattern of changing up the game style with each passing game. The first Fallout was an open ended, very violent game with a funny story and turn based combat. Fallout Tactics was has Tactics in the title. Do you really need me to explain? And now we have BoS, which is a dungeon crawl real time action RPG using the classic Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance engine.

The game contains a lot of trademark Fallout features, from mature and funny dialogue, to send up's of 50's sci-fi movies. It looks and feels like a Fallout game, but yet it's also obviously a Baldur's Gate game. And I think that's where the little bit of resentment to this game has come from. Fallout fans pissed because it plays different from the original Fallout, which is bloody stupid considering Fallout Tactics played differently from Fallout. And people who are Baldur's Gate: DA fans having a cow because their precious engine following 3rd edition D&D was stripped down for a Fallout game. Which again I feel is stupid. But hey, what else is the Internet for except a place for people with marginal spelling ability and ever worse grammar to post diatribes on games that aren't exactly like they were in their own personal masturbatory fantasies?

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