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Vampire: Bloodlines Preview @ Actiontrip

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Vampire: Bloodlines Preview @ Actiontrip

Preview - posted by Exitium on Sun 30 May 2004, 18:42:33

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

ActionTrip is the latest website to publish a preview of Troika's upcoming Vampire: Bloodlines RPG. This preview covers all of the basics about the game, which they saw at E3, such as the character creation including physical attributes and special abilities. The preview also covers the first person combat in the game, which they claim works rather brilliantly. Here's a small snippet of the preview:

The beauty of this game is that most of the puzzles and missions can be solved using a different approach each time. You can, for instance, seduce Venus (I mentioned her earlier) to find out vital information, thereby sparing yourself the aggravation of completing additional tasks for her.

Another scene in the game showed us various ways to overcome certain characters that might get in the way of your goals. The player's job was to pass through a location guarded by a huge Gargoyle. Three characters were thrown into play here: a female Toreador (an excellent conversationalist), a male Brujah (most violent) and a Malkavian (extremely seductive). Each vampire had its way of dealing with the situation. The Toreador managed to gather enough information throughout her journeys to know that the Gargoyle was in fact betrayed by the Tzimizce (the very same dudes who vowed to protect it). After mentioning this to the Gargoyle, the Toreador was allowed to explore the area freely. The Malkavian, on the other hand, has her own ways. Without using any violence she was able to dig deep into the mind of the creature and persuade it to become her friend. Pretty soon a ferocious beast turned into a helpful ally. These two characters clearly rely on their social skills and intellect more than anything else. But, if you prefer action over a pleasant conversation, the Brujah might be the right choice for you. After a very brief conversation, the Brujah resorted to the most direct approach - brutality. The duel began in a huge abandoned theatre. The Brujah quickly climbed a balcony and attempted to fight the Gargoyle from a distance with accurate ranged attacks. It wasn't long, however, until the Gargoyle started to smash the balcony bit by bit. When the entire thing was smashed, our vamp-hero fell down and had to face the creature at close range and he had to be dispatched with firearms and swords. That's where the demo ended.

Mind control! Damn, that's pretty sweet. Oh, and it looks like environment interactvity is in. I can't wait to see how the game turns out.

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