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Bloodlines Weekly Update #14

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Bloodlines Weekly Update #14

Game News - posted by Whipporowill on Mon 19 July 2004, 16:41:31

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Activision's Shane Defreest has let the Bloodlines Weekly Update out of his bag. Here's the q's for this week:

First off I would like to apologize for this being a bit delayed. My computer got the virus bug and it’s been a real pain getting back to speed. In other sad news to report Bloodlines will unfortunately not be shown at San Diego Comic Con this year as previously announced. We will be at Gen Con Indy at the White Wolf booth in August so make sure to catch us there.

So without further delay here is what Leon had to say…

1) Will vampires be able to climb outside structures, enabling them access to the rooftops of the city? How about climbing walls or walking on ceilings?

You will not be able to climb sheer walls and the outside of buildings – the only time you will be able to access rooftops is if there are ladders or specific instances we’ve set up to allow it. And there is no walking on ceilings or walls.

I think some people have gotten the idea about climbing walls or walking on ceilings from a screenshot we released showing what appeared to be a Nosferatu walking on the ceiling of a room (or was it a wall?). This shot was taken from a Malkavian Mansion in the game that was built to mirror the insanity of its owner; hence some of the rooms are built upside down, among other weird architectural decisions...

2) Troika has said that there will not be coteries in Bloodlines but my question is what else besides dialogue can we expect from NPC’s? Will there ever be times where they help us out in combat-like situations?

There will be a few instances of NPC’s helping you out in combat situations, but they will be rare. We really wanted to focus on the solitary, lonely existence of a fledgling vampire in the World of Darkness.

The sheer wall "rumour" might also be due to an early post by Troika developer Andrew Meggs at the Bloodlines Inn. At least that's what I think - or actually I'm pretty sure of it (no reason being modest, is there?).

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