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ToEE Q&A at GameZone

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ToEE Q&A at GameZone

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 11 September 2003, 17:27:23

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Tim Cain; Troika Games

There's yet another interview with Tim Cain about Temple of Elemental Evil over at GameZone. Here's one of the interesting parts:

Q: Most of the RPG adventures of this sort evolve around similar plot themes. What plot elements do you think will set The Temple of Elemental Evil apart from the crowd?

We have a big baddie at the end, but we have avoided the inevitable "you must kill the big baddie to win." There are other ways to win, including avoiding direct combat with the baddie, or even JOINING the baddie. Why not, if you are evil, agreeing to work for evil? ToEE is a rich game.​

Because everyone knows that EVIL = GOOD GUY + GREED, Tim!

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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