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RPGDot: Biggest Dissapointment and Surprise RPGs of 2004

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RPGDot: Biggest Dissapointment and Surprise RPGs of 2004

Review - posted by Exitium on Tue 22 February 2005, 23:58:43

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

RPGDot has posted their biggest dissapointments and surprises of last year, with a game that ranks high in both categories. It is none other than Vampire: Bloodlines.
Biggest Dissapointment RPG
Second Runner Up: Vampire - Bloodlines
Ah, the annual conundrum when a game is similarly represented in the Best, Biggest Surprise and Most Disappointing categories. In the case of Vampire: Bloodlines, however, the reason is abundantly clear: for all of those players drawn in by the brilliant writing and immersive atmosphere, others were mired in bugs, poor performance that reduced some areas to slide-shows, linear structure and depressing combat sequences at the end. For those whom these issues became overwhelming, it’s likely some relatively minor issues started to grow in proportion, such as some poor textures, repeated models and empty locations – apart from that ubiquitous dentist chair, of course.

Biggest Surprise RPG
The winner: Vampire - Bloodlines
It's hard to know exactly why our readers thought Vampire: Bloodlines was the biggest surprise of the year. Perhaps it was because the game was just so good or perhaps because doubts lingered over Troika's ability to deliver a compelling first-person action-RPG with a quality story – or even that a first-person action-RPG would offer the depth of roleplaying players were looking for. No doubt the Vampire license itself conjured images of tortured Goth teenagers for many and the superbly written mature themes may have caught players by surprise.

The amount of combat in the game was the only thing that caught me by surprise. It should come as no surprise to anyone who's played Fallout that Troika is capable of delivering a narrative but the amount of dreadful combat in Bloodlines definitely took me by surprise, especially after the superb Santa Monica hub.

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