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Troika's Next: MMORPG

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Troika's Next: MMORPG

Interview - posted by Exitium on Fri 26 November 2004, 18:24:35

Tags: Tim Cain; Troika Games

I grabbed this one from DuckAndCover.cx before their site got nixed by some retards, and it mentions an <a href=http://articles.filefront.com/F_True_Company_Story_Troika_Games/;235;;;/article.html>F! True Company Story[/url] at FileFront on Troika's upcoming projects that is more or less an interview with Tim Cain and some inside information on Troika. There is some mention of their games, as well as games some of the individuals at Troika have worked on, like Fallout but that is irrelevent. Here's what you want to read:

“I hope Troika Games continues to make quality role-playing games, possibly expanding to three teams,” Cain said.

But most ambitious, he also mentioned venturing into a heavily trodden path, changing it for the better. In short, creating a “true-role playing” MMORPG.​
Both Teatime and I have heard rumors from credible sources pertaining to Troika's development of console titles being made solely for consoles (e.g. FOBOS), with no mention of PC support, and they seem to have a stance dissimilar to the one Bethesda Softworks has pertaining to the development of titles which have been, and continue to be first and foremost PC oriented. Suffice to say, it's really disheartening to see Troika go down this path.

This is of course just as bad, if not worse (depending on how you feel about MMORPGs) than their development of console titles and certainly goes a length to verify our suspicions about the company's future interests.

Seriously. What the fuck, Tim?

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