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Unofficial Bloodlines Patch Version 6.0 Released

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Unofficial Bloodlines Patch Version 6.0 Released

Mod News - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Sat 14 February 2009, 00:29:50

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines; VTMB Unofficial Patch

Wesp continues to release updates for his patch. Version 6.0 is out, with a bunch of new additions, probably the largest being that his patch no longer requires the official 1.2 patch, added in because the official Vampire: Bloodlines site was closed down by Activision.
(+) denotes changes to Plus Patch

+Added Tremere Dominate tutorial info and repaired all clan CD email.
+Repaired Heather remembrance dialogue and Gary's poster quest bugs.
+Made Ventrue enemies use disciplines and SWAT in armor not biteable.
+Added quest logs for Giovanni candidates and for the final endgame.
+Restored security guard and a sequence into the Skyeline Apartments.
+Made Romero pimpin quest available after zombie and fixed firearms.
Set the date of the game to 22.10.2004 and fixed minor text issues.
Added option to pay Vandal in case you can't find him a replacement.
Restored two Asylum emails and added Johansen to Empire suite list.
Swapped an unique quest car at Giovanni's and repaired it's texture.
Restored erotic situations for the downtown, Hollywood and SM hubs.
Moved library card to locked Empire room and fixed Chunks attacking.
Added subtitles for the remaining conversations, thanks to Voerman.
Stopped Copper from leaving for infusion and improved selling order.
Repaired Nadia's "c'mon" sequence, speaker names and a door handle.
Restored Ventrues to tower using females and Toreadors as variation.
Swapped wrecks on Blood Hunt map and added missing bar-break sound.
Fixed quest log update and xp gain on reaching Ming's inner sanctum.
Made sweeper and Bertram Tung use disciplines if they are attacked.
Restored censored blood for intro and added some to the Hallowbrook.
Fixed pony tail of Kerri and glasses of Mandarin, thanks to MooCha.
Removed not working blood return when fighting against the Tzimisce.
Prevented gaining surplus xp by spoiling multiple Giovanni secrets.
Restored Dima and clinic guard text and removed a model at junkyard.
Fixed several bad particle files for magic fires and other effects.
Made Leatherface and Drifter player histories more likely to frenzy.
Added radio transcripts, thanks ellipsis_jones and gothemasticator.
Restored two Ocean House ghosts and Hellcat plus forklift sequences.
Removed Fu Syndicate lobby keypad code to avoid breaking the level.
Included official patch 1.2 files because official VTMB site closed.
You can pick it up over at The Patches Scrolls, if interested.

UPDATE: The Patches Scrolls link isn't working at the moment. Gragt has instead pointed out the 6.0 patch is available here instead.
Spotted at: Blue's News

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