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Dragon Ruins hits Prime Time

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Dragon Ruins hits Prime Time

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 May 2024, 04:21:57

Tags: Dragon Ruins; Graverobber Foundation

Our boy zwanzig_zwoelf has a new game up on Steam, just released today. Dragon Ruins looks to be a fairly old school blobber. So, if you're looking for a modern take on the games we used to play in the late 1980s, here's your chance! You can pick it up on the cheap, since it's normally around $5US, but it's 10% off that for the next two weeks. Here's the general idea:

  • Assemble a party of 4 heroes from 8 available classes
  • Explore the ancient ruins
  • Fight through automatic battles where you decide whether to fight or run away
  • Grow stronger via level-ups and equipment enhancement
  • Purchase medicine to revive fallen party members
  • Use teleporter scrolls for a quick trip to town and back
  • Challenge your party with an NG+ mode, where monsters attack in higher groups and the final boss gets stronger

Well, there won't be any bitching about the use of Unity Assets in this one, that's for sure. It's pretty neat that it supports the XBox Controller for you SteamDeckers out there. And me. Embrace the controller. You know you want to.

Thanks, Sukhavati!

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